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Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden: A Cut Above Average

This self-taught topiary artist has created more than a collection of living sculptures. DIY Network takes you through the landscaping in this topiary garden.

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"Garden for Yourself"(12 of 12)

Pearl offers this advice to other gardeners:

Garden for yourself. "A lot of people don't garden for themselves. They garden for other people. I want something unique, and I don't worry what people say about it. A garden may be the best garden in the world, and people may still criticize it, so why not do what you want to do?"

Do your own thing. "If you're going to create your own garden, it's best not to copy [the plan] out of a magazine," says Fryar, "because you're not going to get credit for it."

And, by the way, Fryar did earn that yard-of-the-month award.