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Overhauling Desperate Landscapes

From single parents to couples going back to school and homeowners who are active in the community, Jason Cameron and his crew step in to help makeover landscapes that need some tender loving care.

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The brick walls of the porch are smudged with colored chalk. One option for cleaning these difficult-to-remove stains is to use graffiti remover to scrub it off, following the manufacturer's instructions. Another option is to use a pressure washer.
Some trees in the yard block the view of the house and make it very dark. Rather than cutting down the trees, Jason's plan calls for limbing them up. Jason's plan calls for installing a small, stacked stone wall to prevent soil erosion on the steep front yard. He uses cut quarry stone and simply stacks one stone on top of the other. The steel front door has taken a beating from the elements. Jason's plan calls for a fresh coat of paint, and prepping is an essential part of getting the paint to adhere well. The porch steps are cracked, but patching will be very easy.