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Overhauling Desperate Landscapes

From single parents to couples going back to school and homeowners who are active in the community, Jason Cameron and his crew step in to help makeover landscapes that need some tender loving care.

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With paint, containers, shrubs and a little inspiration, Jason has everyone singing the praises of the Risners' home on Scott Boulevard. Jason's team did some patchwork on the masonry walls beforehand so the patches would have time to dry before painting. Jason's plan calls for a simple square planter for Jane and Lee's patio. He built a 27" x 27" planter frame to accommodate a 26"-diameter plastic pot, using marine-grade plywood for the planter. Replacing Jane and Lee's old screen door is a relatively simple project. One of the problems with this yard was that the garage is such a focal point. Jason softened the look by hanging a planter above the garage.

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