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Bendable Skewers

Image courtesy of Fire Wire.


While big-ticket items such as luxury grills and pizza ovens may be the bragging-right centerpieces of the outdoor suite, most manufacturers are redoubling efforts to capture market share with smaller, utilitarian items designed specifically for outdoor use. Some of the more intriguing include:


  • The Fire Wire® is a flexible skewer made of stainless steel cable that enables a chef to prepare kabobs, fold them neatly into a marinating bag and, when ready, unfurl them and place them directly onto the grill. About $25 for a set of 6.


  • The $20 Grill Daddy is a grill cleaning brush that features a built-in reservoir that sprinkles water onto hot grilling grates. As the water turns to steam, the Grill Daddy’s long stainless steel bristles make short work of grease and carbonized build-up.


  • Zippo’s Flexible Neck Utility Lighter, $20, sports a windproof flame that makes short work of lighting charcoal briquettes, gas burners, candles and tiki torches.


  • The Maverick GL-01 stainless steel fluorescent light is designed to clip onto the side tray of an outdoor grill. Its flexible gooseneck design twists into any position to allow this battery-powered light to illuminate up to 3 hours of continual nighttime cooking.

    “Today’s outdoor kitchen isn’t necessarily just about the wow factor,” says the HPBA’s Wheeler. “The market is huge, with appliances, options and accessories to fit every budget.”


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