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Outdoor Kichen wood grained powder coated stainles

Powder-coated metal cabinets made to look like wood grain. Image courtesy of Danver.

Stainless steel cabinets

A fast-rising star of the outdoor kitchen is the stainless steel cabinet. Impervious to weather, rot, and insects, stainless cabinets are available with nearly as many options as custom indoor varieties. You can choose multiple door-and-drawer combinations, sink units, pullout trash bins and lockable storage.

Many manufacturers, such as Viking, make cabinets that are proprietary to their product lines. Some, such as Danver, make cabinets that are sized to work with a variety of grilling units and outdoor appliances.

Danver also offers cabinets that have special coatings for coastal regions. In addition, the company has recently introduced a powder-coated finish that closely approximates wood grain, adding an entirely new dimension to the design of the outdoor kitchen.