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Organic Plant Health Care

Learn how to add some compost and compost tea to organic plants instead of fertilizer.

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use antibacterial wipes on tools
Photo 6 of 6Another way to prevent the spread of diseases is to use antibacterial wipes on your tools and antibacterial lotion on your hands.

Be Antibacterial(6 of 6)

This won't kill all harmful diseases, but it'll keep down the spread of germs, especially if you've had sick plants in your garden. Using these products after you've touched a potentially diseased plant is a quick and easy way to protect yourself and your plants.

Water is one of the biggest carriers of disease, so don't touch a wet plant. If you do touch one, dry and clean your hands before you move to the next one. Standing water on leaves creates a welcome home for mildew and rot. When you water, always do it early in the morning so the leaves can dry, or use a soaker hose so water stays off the leaves.
Make sure your harvest techniques follow the same rule: When picking vegetables, always put them in a clean basket or bucket. Make sure your hands are clean, and wash your harvest under clear, cold water. Pick vegetables just before you eat them for the best flavor.