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Rhododendron "P.J.M. Regal' (9 of 21)

Rhododendron "P.J.M. Regal'
PJM is actually the name for a group of hybrids named for named after Peter J. Mezitt, founder of Weston Nurseries, Massachusetts
One of the easiest rhododendrons to grow
Beautiful bright lavender flowers in mid to late April
Evergreen, small-leaved foliage that's dark and shiny
Evergreen leaves turn a mahogany purple in winter
Compact with a mounded, neat appearance
Grows 4 to 6 feet tall, but can grow to 10 feet with a width about two-thirds the height
Care for rhododendron:
More sun creates more foliage color in the winter
Partial shade to full sun; more sun creates more foliage color in the winter
Prefers moist, cool, acidic, well-drained organic soil
Much more adaptable than other rhododendrons
Avoid hard, dry, windy sites.

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