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Cornus mas 'Golden Glory' (4 of 21)

Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'
Multistemmed, low-branching, round-to-oval deciduous shrub
Erect and more vigorous than other cultivars
In the Midwest, the longest lived of all the Cornus species
Features masses of tiny, starlike yellow flowers in late winter to early spring on bare twigs before the foliage comes out; cultivar recognized for its early bloom
Flowers give way to drupes--a fruit with a thin outer skin, soft, pulpy middle and hard, stony central part that encloses a seed--that mature in the summer but are often inconspicuous because of the foliage
Leaves turn a dull purple in the fall
Also recognized for its attractive gray exfoliating bark when mature
Grows 15 to 20 feet tall
Hardy in USDA zones 4-8: plant in full sun to partial shade; water well until established but do not overwater; prune when dormant.

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