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Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior' (13 of 21)

Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior'
"Excelsior Hybrid' is a hardy biennial that grows up to 5 feet
Striking hybrid, with trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of purple with purple spots in the center.
The flowers grow on all sides of the spike, rather than on one side as on other foxgloves, and face outward rather than downward.
The plant may have originally been called 'folk's glove' with 'folk' referring to woodland fairies or little people. There are many stories about foxgloves - including ones that woodland fairies live in the flowers.
Flowers are highly toxic; the plant should not be grown in areas frequented by children
Foxglove is grown commercially as the source of heart drugs
Hardy in USDA zones 4-10, except Florida: Plant in light shade or more shade in hotter climates; prefers moist, well-drained acidic soil; divide in spring.

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