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Learn about several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

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black eyed susan is a short lived perennial
Photo 8 of 11Annual or short-lived perennial with 4-5 inch yellow daisy-like flowers with brown centers

Black-Eyed Susan(8 of 11)

Plant in well-drained soil
Plant in full sun
Deadhead to promote continued blooming; may reseed
Space generously to allow for good air circulation
Height: 18-24 inches; Width: 12-18 inches
Annual in all zones (seems to die in fall no matter how warm):
Zones 2-8: Plant in spring after danger of frost has passed; collect seed in fall for planting the following spring; discard plants after killing frost.
Zones 9-11: Plant in spring or sow seeds in fall when ripe; discard plants in fall.

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