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Caladium (13 of 15)

Caladium bicolor – Caladium
Tender perennials usually grown as annuals for their bold foliage that is often variegated
Plants have insignificant flowers, which are often removed
Plant in partial to full shade
Plant in rich, organic, slightly acidic, moisture-retentive soil; fertilize monthly
Height: 18-24 inches; Width: 18-24 inches
Annual in USDA zones 2-9
Hardy in USDA zones 10-11:
Zones 2-9: Plant in spring after danger of frost has passed; plant in partial to full shade; remove foliage and dig in fall before frost; store in frost-free location for winter or discard plants after killing frost.
Zones 10-11: Plant in spring; plant in partial to full shade; remove tattered foliage throughout season; fertilize spring through fall.

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