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euryops daisies are great choice along fence
Photo 5 of 5What would a Southern garden be without daisies?

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Behind the clothesline, and in close proximity to the blue hydrangeas, plant a bed of green-leaved euryops (Euryops pectinatus 'Viridis'). Euryops come from South Africa; they like lots of sun, and they don't like lots of water. One thing about euryops that's fantastic is that they bloom quite a long period of time. Remember: They are short-lived perennials. They'll go from three to seven years, but eventually you're going to have to tear them out and replant them or cut them back and rejuvenate them. Euryops daisies are a great choice along this fence. The bright yellow of the flowers contrasts nicely with the wood, and they'll bloom almost year-round.