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Kohlrabi and Yardlong Beans

These vegetables are grown as annuals -- kohlrabi is a cool-season crop and yardlong beans and white eggplants are warm-season crops.

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Photo 7 of 8Tepees are simple, attractive, and easy to build.

Planting Yardlong Beans (7 of 8)

For each tepee, use four 1x2 cedar poles, each 8' long. Cedar is a good choice because it's long lasting and has a rough surface that the beans can easily climb.
Mark out a circle inside the planting bed, about 3-1/2' in diameter. Next place the four poles equidistant around the circle, setting them into the ground about 10" or 12" deep. As you set them in the ground, angle each of them slightly toward the center of the circle. Pull the four poles together and overlap their ends by about 6" to form a cone. Using heavy-duty twine, lash the poles together where they intersect.

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