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Kohlrabi and Yardlong Beans

These vegetables are grown as annuals -- kohlrabi is a cool-season crop and yardlong beans and white eggplants are warm-season crops.

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kohlrabi likes rich soil
Photo 3 of 8Kohlrabi likes rich soil, so add fertilizer to your garden if required.

Planting Kohlrabi(3 of 8)

Work the fertilizer into the soil using a pitchfork, and then smooth the soil with a rake prior to planting.
To plant the seed, use the edge of a hoe to create a trench about 1/2" deep. Place the seeds about an inch apart for the entire length of the row. Create another row 12" away from the first and plant a second row of seeds. Because kohlrabi plants don't take up a lot of space while they're growing, they can be planted fairly close together.

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