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Spring Spruce-Up

Keeping Lawn and Garden Tools in Shape

Keep your spring maintenance tools rust-free, sharpened and mechanically sound.

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Lawnmower (1 of 7)

Just like your car, if you ignore your lawn mower during the winter season you'll have problems come spring. In addition to reading your owner's manual for maintenance guidelines, here are some general pointers from John Deere to get your mower in order:

  • - Check oil and fluids.
    On your to-do list should be checking the oil, replacing the filter and changing the transmission fluid and engine coolant. Also, drain and replace the fuel, which can break down over the winter and cause hard starting.
  • - Sharpen and balance blades.
    Taking care of your blades will in turn take care of your lawn. With sharp blades you'll make clean cuts and reduce the possibility of fungus and disease.
  • - Inspect belts for wear.
    Adjust the tension of belts as needed. If you notice cracks or separation in the belt, it's time to get a replacement.
  • - Check tire tread and pressure.
    Tires in good shape will help you maneuver on uneven terrain and prevent the risk of slipping on hillsides.

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