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Identifying and Dealing with Problem Insects

Many gardeners play detective -- trying to figure out what's chewing holes or causing yellow or brown spots on favorite plants. Here are some clues to help solve this garden mystery, as well as tips for dealing with pest problems.

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ladybugs are natural way of getting rid of aphids
Photo 5 of 6Ladybugs are a natural and effective means of getting rid of aphids. Simply buy them by the bag at your nursery and set them free in your garden.

Tips for Controlling Aphids (5 of 6)

One of the simplest methods for removing aphids from plants is to use a strong stream of water from a hose and sprayer attachment to knock them off leaves.
You can create your own aphid deterrent by using one tablespoon dishwashing liquid to a gallon of water. Spray the solution onto the leaves.
Release lady bugs or praying mantis. Both of these insect species are beneficial to gardeners since they are predatory species and feed on other insects--including pest species.

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