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Identifying and Dealing with Problem Insects

Many gardeners play detective -- trying to figure out what's chewing holes or causing yellow or brown spots on favorite plants. Here are some clues to help solve this garden mystery, as well as tips for dealing with pest problems.

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sucking pests pierce surface of leaf
Photo 3 of 6Inspect both sides of the leaves for pests making a home in your garden.

Varieties of Pest: Sucking Types (3 of 6)

These types pierce the surface of the leaf or stem and suck nutrients out of the plant. Indicators of the sucking variety of pests include discolored, mottled, twisted or curled foliage. Common sucking pests include:
Aphids are small, winged insects. They particularly like new plant growth.
Whiteflies are a small white insect--not a true fly, but actually a relative of the aphid. They're frequently found on the undersides of leaves.

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