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How to Repair Common Mishaps Around the Yard

Household repairs aren't confined to four walls. Learn how to address common mishaps in and around the yard.

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Ryan Snook

Fence Falls Down

A fence damaged by strong wind or a fallen tree is ugly, but it can also make life difficult if you've got a pet who enjoys free roaming in your yard. You could be covered by insurance depending on your policy, but if your fence is made out of wood or the damage isn't that extensive, you may come out ahead repairing it yourself rather than filing a claim and paying the deductible. If you can handle it yourself, remove the fallen tree — think of it as free firewood. Collect the fence debris, especially any parts and pieces that may be sharp and jagged. Look for fasteners as well. To do this properly, you may want to borrow or purchase a metal detector. Inspect the fence and determine the materials you'll need to fix it. Remember that the force may have weakened parts of the fence extending beyond what's immediately visibly damaged.



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