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How to Repair Common Mishaps Around the Yard

Household repairs aren't confined to four walls. Learn how to address common mishaps in and around the yard.

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Ryan Snook

Tree Limb Falls and Creates Hole in Roof

It's not the preferred wake-up call, but a tree or limb crashing through your roof will certainly bring you out of slumber. After checking to make sure no one is hurt, start clearing away anything that may be directly under and around where the tree or limb entered. Use a tarp or plastic sheeting to cover anything that can't be moved. Check to see if any electrical wires, phone lines, or water or gas pipes have been compromised. If it's raining or about to rain, secure some buckets or large containers to collect rainwater. Move any vehicles or items in the path of the limb or tree should it fall off the roof. Take pictures of the damage as soon as possible for insurance purposes, and make a list of what has been damaged. Contact your insurance company immediately, as they will need to inspect the damage for your claim. Lastly, cover the hole with a tarp.

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