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How to Make Tablecloth Weights for a Picnic Table (page 2 of 3)

Here is an easy-breeze way to hold a tablecloth in place at a picnic or barbeque. Old pillowcases, ribbon, curtain hardware and rocks are used to make these festive yet functional weight clips.

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Prep the Fabric

Wash, dry and iron the sheets and or pillowcases. We used old colorful sheets to get a vintage style.

Cut the fabric into 1-inch wide strips with varied lengths from 24 to 27 inches. On at least two of the strips, cut the ends to give them a fringed look.

Lay Out the Fabric

Lay the strips down in a star like pattern, right sides to the floor. Place a round stone in the middle and from underneath pick the whole thing up and turn in over, making it look like a Halloween ghost.

Tie With Ribbon

Tie the rock in place with a ribbon, the ribbon should be at least 24-inches long. Then tie two more ribbons around the top with long strands.