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How to Build a Sled From a Pair of Old Skis and a Wheelbarrow (page 1 of 2)

Attach a wheelbarrow bucket to an old pair of skis to make a custom sled to hit the slopes in style.

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If there is one snow sport that everyone can enjoy, it's sledding. Age, experience and skill level are never questioned, and the only requirement is that you have a good time.

Snow-sled technology has evolved from the iconic wood-and-steel runners to today's slick plastic discs. Just because there haven’t been many innovations doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with building your own sled. If you’ve got a pair of old skis that are just collecting dust in your closet, you’ve got the makings of a DIY ski sled. This project is highly customizable; use the materials you have on hand.

Materials and Tools

  • wheelbarrow bucket – Use an old one or you can buy one at a home improvement store.

  • skis – We used kid-length skis (about 5') but you can cut down a pair of adult skis to desired length.

  • braided polyester rope

  • 2x4 at least 4’ long cut into 5" pieces (risers)

  • 2' x 2' 3/4”-thick piece of plywood

  • 3-1/2" galvanized deck screws

  • 5/16 bolts, locking washers and nuts (if wheelbarrow hardware not available)

  • measuring tape

  • jigsaw

  • cordless drill/driver

  • oscillating tool with metal blade or hand saw with metal blade

  • sandpaper

  • safety glasses

Part of the joy of building this ski sled is that you’ll be upcycling used skis and possibly a worn-out wheelbarrow. You can find used skis at most thrift stores as well as Craigslist. We decided to use kid-sized skis, as they were the perfect length for this project (5 feet).

Remove Bindings From Skis

If your skis still have the bindings attached, remove them using a screwdriver or cordless driver. There are typically four screws holding each binding onto the ski.

Outline the Base

Place the wheelbarrow bucket onto the plywood and trace around the edge of the bottom of the wheelbarrow.

Cut Base and Risers

Using a jigsaw, follow the tracing of the base of the wheelbarrow and cut out your plywood piece. Measure eight 5” pieces of your 2x4 and, using your jigsaw again, cut your 2x4 to create the risers.

Sand Base and Risers

Using sandpaper and sanding block, smooth the edges around your base and risers.

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