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Hoses, Sprinklers and Watering Accessories

Here's the dirt on garden hoses, specialized attachments, sprinklers, watering accessories, and how to tame an unruly hose.

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invest in hose roller or hose caddy
Photo 8 of 8To help "automate" the process, you may simply want to invest in a hose roller or hose caddy.

Hose Caddy(8 of 8)

This simple hand-crank device simplifies the job of coiling up a lengthy hose, and then the whole thing can be tucked neatly out of sight. Some hose caddies are built to be more or less stationary, while other have rollers so that you can move the whole thing easily from place to place.
A pre-coiled hose such as the Garden Coil is handy for indoor or outdoor use, and obviates the need to worry about coiling the hose — since it's already coiled and made to stay that way.

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