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Hoses, Sprinklers and Watering Accessories

Here's the dirt on garden hoses, specialized attachments, sprinklers, watering accessories, and how to tame an unruly hose.

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rubber hoses are better option than plastic ones
Photo 1 of 8One of the reasons hoses get ignored for the heavy duty watering jobs is because some will need replacing quite often as they get holes in them.

The Rubber Edge (1 of 8)

If you've experienced this, you've got the wrong hose. Plastic hoses break easily. They also tend to get little holes in them if they're kinked and the sun is beating down on them. They won't hold up if you're using them as a primary watering source. Rubber hoses are more flexible. They can bend without breaking. They can also stand up to heat from the sun without wearing down.

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