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Horticultural Therapy

This garden at a hospital features a gardening therapy program for patients in rehabilitation.

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gardening therapy for patients in rehabilitation
Photo 1 of 4Being outside and working with plants is a fabulous way for people with physical or emotional challenges to learn new skills or regain lost skills.

Horticultural Healing(1 of 4)

More and more, health-care professionals are recognizing what gardeners have always instinctively known: gardening is good not only for the soul but also for the body.

Horticultural or garden therapy is widely recognized and is used in hospitals, rehab centers, prisons, nursing homes and schools across the country. One excellent source of information on horticultural therapy is the American Horticultural Therapy Association. If you're an able-bodied gardener with time and energy to give to your community, you may want to volunteer at a local horticultural therapy garden.

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