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The bigger a pot, the more it costs. Why not make your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the elements? Learn how to construct a homemade hypertufa trough.

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Use the Wire Brush for Finishing(13 of 14)

While it's still in the early stages of drying, your trough should be given its finished look. Use a wire brush to smooth the trough's edges and exterior to the desired texture. Note: If you used micro-synthetic fibers in the mix and you see some of them protruding from the trough after it's removed from the mold, use a propane torch to burn the excess fibers away.

Leave the uncovered trough outdoors for about four weeks to cure—the length of curing time depends on the size of the trough. During this time, it's best to expose it to the elements. Rain can do the work to give your trough a natural, weathered and aged look. This allows excess lime to leach out of the concrete. To age more quickly, douse the outside with manure tea, diluted buttermilk or yogurt.

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