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Homegrown Stone Pots

The bigger a pot, the more it costs. Why not make your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the elements? Learn how to construct a homemade hypertufa trough.

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Add Decorative Materials(11 of 14)

Carve out a textured rim (as shown to the right) or inlay decorative elements, like rocks or seashells collected during your travels, colored tiles or whimsical sculpture, to add interest to your container. Add the objects as you pack the mixture into the mold. Avoid using objects with smooth surfaces, such as marbles, because they have a tendency to break loose.

You can also add deeply-veined leaves, like elephant ears or hollyhock, for texture on the outer surface of the trough. Before adding the mixture to the mold, simply add a few leaves with the backsides positioned away from the mold and firmly press in place as the mixture is gradually added. When removing the trough from the mold, peel the plastic wrap and leaves away from the outer surface. Use tweezers to pluck out any lingering material.

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