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Growing and Harvesting Kohlrabi, Yardlong Beans and White Eggplant

Here are some growing tips and harvesting hints to help maximize the yield of kohlrabi, yardlong-bean and white-eggplant crops.

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thin seedlings to two or three per pole
Photo 4 of 11When the seedlings first come up, thin them so that there are two to three vines per pole.

Yardlong Beans (4 of 11)

Keep the area clear of weeds by hand-pulling them when they first appear. Mulch and water regularly. A month and a half after planting, the vines should reach the top of the tepee, and bean pods will appear. Inspect the beans nearly every day, keeping an eye out for any curled or discolored leaves that might indicate a wilt or fungal disease.
One key to a disease-free garden is never to touch a plant's foliage when it is wet. Diseases easily spread on the film of water that coats wet leaves and stems.

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