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Growing and Harvesting Kohlrabi, Yardlong Beans and White Eggplant

Here are some growing tips and harvesting hints to help maximize the yield of kohlrabi, yardlong-bean and white-eggplant crops.

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Row Cover(3 of 11)

To put down a row cover, secure wire hoops down the length of the row, spacing them about 3' or 4' apart. Then stretch a lightweight row cover over the hoops, anchoring both sides of the cover with bricks. Applied early in the season, lightweight fabric covers are a pesticide-free way to keep flea beetles, cabbage-root maggots, caterpillars, leafhoppers and other insects away from your crop. The covers can be easily lifted whenever you need access to the plants.
To harvest them, use a serrated knife to cut them off at the base. You can cut off the leaves and discard them, but don't peel the globe. The skin is supposed to be the tastiest part.
Kohlrabi is delicious raw. Rinse it off, cut it in strips and put the slices into a bowl of lemon juice. After it's marinated for 20 or 30 minutes, it's great to munch on. Kohlrabi is also good cooked, steamed and served with a butter sauce.

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