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Growing and Harvesting Kohlrabi, Yardlong Beans and White Eggplant

Here are some growing tips and harvesting hints to help maximize the yield of kohlrabi, yardlong-bean and white-eggplant crops.

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Eggplant Pests(10 of 11)

Tiny flea beetles are a common predator that can zap the vitality of your plants.

Flea beetles are very small, about 1/10" long. Just like the fleas they are named after, they'll jump around when they're disturbed. The adult beetles chew lots of small holes in the leaves of plants and sometimes spread viral diseases as they move from plant to plant. To control flea beetles, you can use row covers just like we did with the kohlrabi, or you can spray with an insecticide recommended by your local extension agent.

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