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Diseases, Insects and Animals

These three things constantly threaten gardens. Here are some effective tactics for keeping these threats at bay.

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store melons at room temperature
Photo 6 of 6Stored at room temperature, melons will keep up to two or three weeks after harvest.

Keeping Okra and Melons(6 of 6)

Storing them in the refrigerator will help hold them a little longer.

Okra is best when it's eaten the day it's picked. Okra does not store for more than 1 or 2 days, so it should be prepped quickly after harvest, unless it is stored in the refrigerator and it will hold about seven days.

There are a few tips to remember after harvest time is over. Crops should be rotated to help reduce disease and nematode problems. Okra plantings should not follow vine crop plantings such as squash or sweet potatoes. Also okra seed does not keep well so buy fresh seed each season.