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determine if melons are ripe
Photo 5 of 6Melons require a little more practice to know when they are ripe.

Ripe Melons(5 of 6)

They will mature in 80 to 100 warm days. You should harvest melons early in the day after the plants are dry and be careful not to damage the vines. Pick every other day at the beginning of the season and go over the patch every day at peak season.

To determine if melons are ripe, look for ones that are very heavy and have a hard rind. The side where the watermelon has rested should be yellowish, not white or green. You should also thump the melon soundly with your finger and listen for a deep thud. Under ripe melons will sound high-pitched and tinny. But don't rely just on the "thud", If you cannot cut into the skin with your fingernail, it is sufficiently ripe.

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