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These three things constantly threaten gardens. Here are some effective tactics for keeping these threats at bay.

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fertilize okra monthly throughout growing season
Photo 3 of 6For the okra, I added a 10-10-10 fertilizer, around the base of the plants and watered it in.

Fertilizer(3 of 6)

To keep the plants happy be sure to fertilize monthly throughout the growing season.

Okra must be harvested every day so that the plants will continue to bear. If you leave pods on the plant, it will stop producing. Frequent harvesting encourages plants to develop new flowers and pods. In late summer be sure to prune okra plants to encourage growth of lateral branches, which will produce new flowers and pods. Using a small hand pruner, cut the okra main stem back by one-third its height, and then water the plants well to promote strong, new growth.

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