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Combining Vegetables and Flowers in Your Garden (page 2 of 5)

Small gardens need to look their best year round and usually have no room for a separate vegetable garden, but with a little imagination, vegetables can look striking alongside flowers and produce a tasty harvest, too.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Vegetable Gardening

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Colorful Squash Blossoms Add to Established Bed

Squash Edging 

Vigorous, trailing plants, such as these squashes, might seem too large for a small garden. However, if they are trained along the front of an established border, or even over mature shrubs, their bold yellow flowers, dramatic foliage, and colorful fruit look great spilling over onto the path. Add plenty of organic matter to the soil in established borders to provide the vegetables with sufficient nutrients to grow well.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Vegetable Gardening

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