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Choosing a Site for Your Vegetable Garden (page 4 of 5)

Growing vegetables in ideal conditions is not always possible, particularly if you have limited space, but it pays to find a sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind and easily accessible for watering and weeding.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Vegetable Gardening

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Greenhouse Gives Head Start to Tender Vegetables

It is crucial to choose a site in full sun for your greenhouse.

Growing Under Cover

Protecting crops from cold and wet weather in a greenhouse, cold frame or under cloches gives them a head start in spring, extends the growing season into fall, and allows a range of tender vegetables to be grown that may not perform well outdoors. Fitting large structures into a small garden can be difficult, so consider whether you have a suitable site before buying costly equipment. Site greenhouses and frames in full sun, away from overhanging trees, but sheltered from the wind as much as possible. Plants under cover rely on the gardener to provide adequate water and temperature control, which can amount to a lot of work, so make sure you have the time.

Tips for growing under cover:

  • Control greenhouse ventilation to regulate temperatures and remove damp air that can encourage disease. Automatic ventilation is a good investment.
  • Use cold frames and mobile cloches for raising seedlings and protecting young plants.
  • Where there is no space outdoors, try sowing seeds and growing heat-loving crops on a sunny windowsill.
  • Install a water supply, such as a rain barrel, next to the greenhouse to make life easier.


Excerpted from Simple Steps: Vegetable Gardening

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