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Choose the Right Grass Seed To Grow a Healthy Lawn

Learn how to choose the right grass seed to grow the lawn of your dreams.

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county extension provides bags for soil samples
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Soil Test

Before spending any money on grass seed, test your soil. You can select the ideal grass seed and still grow a lackluster lawn if your soil pH is incorrect. Most turf grasses thrive in well-aerated soil with a slightly acidic pH (between 6 and 7.5). Obtain a soil test kit from your local extension office. To take a soil test, gather soil samples from several places around the area you’ll be seeding. Mix the soil, and place it into the soil testing bag. Expect to pay at least $15 for the test (price varies by region). It takes about two weeks to get results back, and it will take more time to adjust soil as specified by the results. Plan accordingly: don’t do your soil test the day before you plan to seed.



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