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Photo 7 of 9To be certain of color, buy this cherry tree when it is in bloom.

Weeping Higan Cherry(7 of 9)

(Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula')
20-40 feet high and wide
Zones 4-8
The sight of a cherry tree in bloom can help you forget winter, but pick the variety carefully. Diseases and insects have caused many an early demise. The indomitable Sargent cherry (Prunus sargentii) (Zones 4-7) reaches 20-30 feet high and wide, bearing clusters of 1-1/2-inch pink flowers, and later, purplish-black fruit. Leaves open reddish, become shiny dark green, then turn maroon in fall. The weeping Higan cherry may have pink or white blooms; to be certain of color, buy the tree when it is in bloom. In colder climes (Zones 2-6) try the Amur chokeberry (P. maackii), which grows 35-45 feet high and wide and produces its frothy white flowers after the leaves appear. Fruit is red, turning black in late summer. Its glossy red-brown bark looks stunning in the snow.

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