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Meet Whoopi, Dolly and Della -- and other "stars" of the rose garden.

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Photo 6 of 10Lynn Anderson donated several of her namesake rose bushes to Taos, N.M., businesses.

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As a thank-you gift to the country singer for donating a copy of her 1971 gold album Rose Garden to the American Rose Society's 100th anniversary convention auction, says Anderson, "they sent me photos of six roses and great descriptions of them to choose from. The one I chose said 'extremely hardy' and I thought that description suited me to a 'T'."
In her xeriscape garden at her home in New Mexico, Anderson grows many plants, including high-altitude wildflowers and cacti. Because she has a dry, rocky soil in combination with a busy travel schedule, Anderson donated several of her rose bushes to the Chamber of Commerce, the local hospital and a women's center in Taos, N.M. "That way they're cared for by pros, and lots of people get to see and enjoy them."

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