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Caring for a Variety of Plants

Knowing specific information about plants is important in order to care for them properly. The experts share how to care for each plant.

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sonic salmon new Guinea impatiens can tolerate sun
Photo 9 of 10The Sonic Salmon New Guinea Impatiens can tolerate the sun more than regular impatiens.

Sonic Salmon New Guinea Impatiens(9 of 10)

Impatiens x hawkerii — Sonic Salmon New Guinea Impatiens

- Coral blooms
- More sun-tolerant than regular impatiens
- Larger, more dramatic, leaves and flowers than regular impatiens

Impatiens walleriana — White and pink impatiens (Other common names: Busy Lizzie, touch-me-not, and snapweed

- So popular that some growers say that impatiens account for 25 percent of sales
- A huge array of colors and several heights
- Bloom non-stop from spring to the first frost
- They do not do well in full sun — they are shade plants

Coleus x hybridus — Coleus mix

- An annual that's grown for its beautiful foliage rather than its flowers.
- Wide range of vibrant colors — deep purple, pink, burgundy
- Prefers rich, well-drained soil
- Loves shade

Caladium bicolor — sometimes called Elephant's Ears

- Again, another annual grown for its beautiful heart-shaped leaves, which are variegated combinations of pink, chartreuse, green, burgundy, red, rose
- Sometimes the tubers can be overwintered and replanted in the spring.
- Greenish white flowers in the spring
- Too much sun will scorch the beautiful leaves
- Grown as bulbs with tubers
- Partial to full shade, well-drained soil

General care for annuals:

- Fertilize once every two weeks to once a month
- Water regular — keep the soil moist, but not soggy, all season
- Pinching or removing the leaves will promote growth

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