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Caring for a Variety of Plants

Knowing specific information about plants is important in order to care for them properly. The experts share how to care for each plant.

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Magic Carpet Spirea(7 of 10)

Spiraea japonica 'Magic Carpet' – Magic Carpet Spirea

- Beautiful pink flowers with light-green foliage, tipped with red
- Russet red fall color
- Widely adaptable soil
- Full sun to part shade
- Small shrub — 1.5 feet high by a 2-foot spread
- Cold hardy –30 to –20F
- Zones 3 to 8


- Regular watering is needed until established.
- Annually, cut the entire plant back 1/2 to 2/3rd — late fall to early spring when the plant is dormant.
- Then, remove any large, old canes as close to the ground as possible, which will stimulate new sprouts to develop.

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