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Caring for a Variety of Plants

Knowing specific information about plants is important in order to care for them properly. The experts share how to care for each plant.

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Royal Star Magnolia(3 of 10)

Magnolia x stellata 'Royal Star' – Royal Star Magnolia

- A sense, oval to rounded form; can be left as a large shrub or pruned into a small tree
- 'Royal Star' has pink buds that open to white blossoms, 3 to 4 inches, that bloom early before foliage develops
- Oblong dark green leaves that often turn yellow in the autumn
- Can grow 10 to 12 feet high
- Zones 4 to 8


- Fertilize with an acid-based fertilizer after flowering and again in June.
- Prune lightly directly after flowering if needed. This allows the plants to produce new growth and buds for next year's show.
- Pick up flower petals that fall to the ground — it aids with insect and disease control.

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