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Capturing Water and Making a Compost Heap

Learn how to capture water from natural sources and start a compost pile from household scraps.

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simple submersible pump used to pump water
Photo 1 of 7A simple submersible pump may be all you need to use water from a pond, river, stream or lake on your property.

Using Natural Water Sources (1 of 7)

Some of us are lucky enough to live by a natural water source such as a stream or a lake that we can use to pump water into the garden or yard. Because it's inexpensive and convenient, a natural source of water can be a gardener's best friend. If your property has a stream running through it, you may be able to use some of the water for your yard. This can save you money and time, but be sure to check with your local county extension service or Department of Natural Resources before pumping water. Some counties and states don't allow pumping, so do some research before investing in a pump.

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