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A Passion for Purple: The Lavender Farm

DIY's The Dirt on Gardening visits The Lavender Farm, a family-run farm in central California dedicated to one famously fragrant flower.

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200 varieties of lavender grown on hertel farm
Photo 4 of 5Seen here is one of about 200 varieties of Lavender grown on the Hertel family farm.

Pruning(4 of 5)

If you try to grow your own lavender you really need to know the basics on how to prune it properly to maximize its beauty and its harvest.

When to Prune

The best time to prune is in the spring after the first flush of growth.

Prune in the early morning before the bees come out.

Never prune lavender, or other sub shrubs, in the winter.

How to Prune

Deadheading all of the flowers on lavender can be time consuming, so simply grab a handful of spent blooms and cut them all at once to save time.

If you want to shape your plant, or control the size, but three to five leaf nodes below each flower spike.

Don't cut lavender back to the ground. They don't initiate growth from the roots because you may end up killing your plant.

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