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12 Plant Varieties and Their Zones

Learn more about these 12 plant varieties and the planting information for the different zones.

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Chinese Wild Ginger(5 of 12)

- Deciduous to evergreen perennial known for its speckled heart-shaped leaves.
- Plant in rich, moisture-retentive, slightly acidic soil; water during dry periods in growing season.
- Plant in partial to full shade.
- Height: 6-8 inches
- Width: 10-12 inches
- Hardy in USDA zones (5) 6-9:

Zone 5: Plant in spring to prevent winter heaving; plant in partial to full shade. Apply extra mulch after first hard frost and avoid contact with salt. May be marginally hardy in this zone; deciduous in this zone.

Zones 6-9: Plant in spring; plant in partial to full shade; water when dry.

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