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    Perfect Lawn

    A green, lush yard of grass is achievable with these techniques.

    The Right Way to Grow Grass

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    Garden Recipe

    Eat What You Grow

    Make the most of your garden with these expert growing tips and delicious recipes.

    From Garden to Table

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    Outdoor Designs

    Space to Expand

    Make the most of your yard with new rooms, lighting, walls and decorative features.

    Outdoor Room Guidance

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    Landscaping Ideas

    Double-Duty Landscapes

    The best landscape features can save water and energy and improve yard privacy.

    Form Follows Function

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    Landscape Idea

    Landscaping Dos and Don'ts

    Avoid common pitfalls: Choose and arrange plants, shrubs and yard features like a pro.

    Dream Yard Designs

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    Vegetable Garden

    Growing Fruits and Vegetables

    Master the fine art of gardening while providing fresh produce for your family.

    The Edible Garden

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    How-To Gardening

    Success Throughout the Year

    Find advice, no matter what the plant type or growing season.

    Gardening Basics

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    Garden Pictures

    Your Beautiful Garden

    Share your gardening successes! Upload pics, tell your before-and-after story and rate gardens of fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

    Rate My Space: Gardens

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    Front Yard Pictures

    Rate My Yard

    Need advice? Upload a photo of your front or back yard and let the community weigh in.

    Submit Your Story

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