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What's More Mega Than a Tilt-a-Whirl? A Mega Den That Solves All Your Family's Space Issues

Episode DMGD-504H

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  • January 19, 2015

    1:00 PM e/p

The Goulds' rec room has become a catch-all that no one uses. Anitra's team plans to give Dad his home office, their young daughters a play area, the whole family a hangout zone, and Mom the flexibility to accommodate overnight guests all in the same space! But things get off to a funky start when black mold is discovered lurking behind the walls. After remediation, the entire build is behind schedule, and everyone needs to pitch in. Ladd helps on a kids' playloft that doubles as a bunk bed, and Cindy lends a hand on a banquette bench that transforms into a full-size guest bed. Old beams become a new multipurpose table, and a pair of secondhand nightstands are reinvented as a killer media console to anchor the family fun zone. Nothing about this new Mega Den is easy, except for the hundreds of ways the Goulds will be able to use it every single day.


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