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Turning Carol's Shrine into a Sanctuary for Kitty and Chris

Episode DMGD-508ZH

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  • May 18, 2014

    7:30 PM e/p

Kitty lives in the same home she grew up in, but it still stands the way her mom left it! No furniture has been moved, nothing has been altered, only one coat of (the same color) paint in over thirty years! The home has become a shrine to Kitty's mom instead of the sanctuary it should be for her and her boyfriend Chris. Anitra to the rescue! Old paneling, faded carpet, rotted subfloor, and inadequate floor joists make way for a hip, hot hangout that's more fitting with Kitty and Chris's style. Intricate molding dresses up a huge wall to get the update party started. Then Kitty tackles an out-of-code spiral staircase, learning to weld steel safety rods onto the banisters. After they dismantle a dangerous catwalk, Chris helps construct a new system that offers great overlook views while eliminating the potential for a fall. And since this home has history for Kitty, Anitra honors it big-time. The old floor joists become a banging new dining table, which is set back into a corner with custom bench seating that offers much needed storage underneath. The team transforms a sideboard into a low-slung media console, and manhandles a 500-pound solid teak tree stump into a one-of-a-kind rolling coffee table. Even Lily the dog feels the love as her crate gets dressed up with scrap wood to tie it into the finished Mega Den, one that pays homage to Kitty's amazing mom, while providing an amazing place for Kitty and Chris to call their own.


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