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The Ultimate Play Tent

Episode DMGD-407H

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  • December 23, 2014

    11:30 AM e/p

Carla took shop class in middle school, but hasn't built a thing since. Now she and husband James will work alongside the Mega Dens crew to give their unused playroom some personality. An entertainment center, a bar, and bookcases with an easy-to-do Bohemian vibe are just a few of the builds this cute couple gets busy on. Their young daughters create an artistic masterpiece with a cool coloring book technique, and Anitra infuses the space with style that includes intricate wall stripes, inexpensive molding ideas, and a game table with real gold in the finish! A unique banister system with Plexiglas and decorative tree branches will give this rec room some much-needed pizzazz right at the entryway... but it's the girls' secret playroom, decked out in plush textures and flowing fabrics, that makes the biggest splash with the whole family when they finally see the end result.


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