DIY Network

Teal Table and Pink Chairs

Episode DMGD-312H

Tune In

  • March 16, 2015

    1:30 PM e/p

  • March 25, 2015

    8:00 AM e/p

Tac and Dana's living room-and-dining-room combo was designed for entertaining, but the cold decor is a party crasher. The Mega Dens crew constructs a massive built in with sliding bookshelf units to elegantly hide a rocking media center and creates more square footage in the dining area by building a banquette seat with clever storage underneath. The couple falls in love all over again with the first piece of furniture they ever bought when Anitra strips it down and repaints it bright teal. A new dining table is built from 300-year-old timbers, and the chairs are given a hot pink coat, much to Tac's dismay. The kids use squirt guns to whip up a work of art, and the team uses flexible rubber molding to dress up a dull ceiling. The end result is a space that's still classy enough to be the living room, but fun and inviting enough to now live up to the name.


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