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Should We Stay or Should We Go? This Mega Den Will Decide It

Episode DMGD-512ZH

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  • June 22, 2014

    8:00 PM e/p

  • June 22, 2014

    3:00 AM e/p

The Gusts bought their home in a hurry, and now Dana wishes they hadn't. As a last-ditch attempt to convince her to cancel the moving men, Dave has called in Anitra and the Mega Dens team to transform their unused attic loft into the best room of the house! The space has been (and will always be) a play area for their three sons, so organization and storage is key. A series of custom built-ins will contain the clutter and are designed to make the most of the funky ceiling angles and actually make the room feel taller than it is. Mom gets handy for the first time ever with tools and helps prep a secondhand dresser for Anitra's most smashing paint job ever, a super-stylish Union Jack flag across the entire thing. The old stair railings are replaced, and the existing columns get an easy facelift with sleeves constructed from simple one-by lumber to become architectural statements all their own. Finally, the team tucks a built-in bed into one of the dormers for sleepover parties or impromptu relaxing in a swanky Mega Den that convinces Dana that her house is way cooler than she ever realized.


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