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Revamping an RV Garage Loft into the East Wing of Family Fun

Episode DMGD-510H

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  • February 16, 2015

    1:30 PM e/p

When the Schlesingers bought their home, they were intrigued by the inclusion in the listing of a space called The East Wing. They were less than thrilled to discover it was an oddly-shaped loft above an RV garage! The space has been Ben's haphazard man cave, but will now become a full-on family hangout with the help of Anitra and the Mega Dens team. Structural issues take center stage early as ceiling supports are found to be unattached and the floor has three crazy stairstep levels just a few feet inside the door. After those problems are fixed, let the custom begin! Ben, a DIYer himself, works on a surprise playhouse for twins Carter and Chloe and a walnut railing system for the upper portion of the loft. Kelly gets her power on by sanding down a magnificent slab of solid walnut destined to become the new bartop in their party zone. Anitra and Joey get stymied, but only briefly, by some stubborn stonework that will lend an earthy elegance to the space. Then she and Joey rock some rehab by sawing apart an old hutch and turning it into two pieces of a new kitchenette that will house a fridge and kegerator and offer even more entertainment options for family and friends. Last-minute touches like a sleeper sofa for overnight visitors, a refurbished pool table, and a killer media system turn The East Wing into a true Party Central and not just a catchy phrase to sell a house.


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